The Coaching Dynamics of Behavior Change

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Bobby Cappuccio is an internationally recognized speaker and author, widely known for his dynamic and provocative style.

His reputation for providing individuals with the sciences, tools, information and inspiration to channel their aspirations into higher levels of achievement made Bobby Cappuccio one of the most sought after speakers in his industry.

Join Bobby in this 10 part course, The Coaching Dynamics of Behaviour Change: A Leaders Guide To Selling Without Selling. Each part will cover various topics presented by Bobby in his charismatic and compelling teaching style. 

Part 1 

  • Section 1: What Is the One Skill Every Fitness Professional Needs to Master? 
  • Section 2: What Challenges Are We Up Against?  
  • Section 3: Four myths about behavior change
  • Section 4: Why is coaching behavior change important for building and maintaining a clientele?

Part 2

  • Section 5: Resolving Conflicting Values
  • Section 6: Three Principles of Creating a Clientele Through Coaching Behavior Change

Part 3

  • Section 7: If you want people to succeed you must lead
  • Section 7-1: The Limbic Response 

Part 4

  • Section 7-2: Empathy
  • Section 7-3: Assess: CORE Model

Part 5

  • Section 7-3a: The Workout
  • Section 7-3b: Core Beliefs
  • Section 7-3c: Motivational Interviews

Part 6

  • Section 7-3d: Overcoming Barriers to Success
  • Section 7-3e: Summary: A.C.T. as the member's coach

Part 7

  • Section 7-4: Decision
  • Section 8: Gaining Commitment
  • Section 9: Program Strategy Overview
  • Section 10: Fill a Need
  • Section 11: Solve, Don't Sell

Part 8: The Casual Advice Senario

Part 9: Success Principles

Part 10: Summary

Course Content

The Coaching Dynamics of Behavior Change
A Leaders Guide To Selling Without Selling

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